24 February 2009

Journalist On Twitchhiking Mission

A freelance writer is attempting to hitchhike his way abroad using only offers of help from Twitterers.

Journalist Paul Smith embarks on his 30-day tweeting odyssey on March 1st in a bid to raise money for Charity: Water.

According to Journalism.co.uk, Smith will be keeping followers updated on his progress via text and video updates to his website.

The self-styled Twitchhiker has five rules which he must follow as he relies solely on the help and hospitality of followers to his Twitter feed.

Smith says that Twitter has become an “invaluable” tool in his work as a freelance journalist and asserts that the microblogging platform is “an incredible source for leads, inspiration and testing out ideas”.

He adds: “Anybody who doesn’t understand how that can be, simply hasn’t reached the tipping point of it becoming useful to them yet.”

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