19 February 2009

South-West Awards To Launch

Submissions are shortly to be accepted for this year’s EDF Energy South West Media Awards.

The prizes, held in association with HoldTheFrontPage.co.uk, include the title of Website of the Year.

And news providers in areas such as Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, and Bristol will be encouraged from next week to send in their nominations for the award.

“The South West was the first region in which we staged our media awards and there has been terrific interest from all the major titles and stations in the area,” said Claire Byrd, head of regional media relations at EDF Energy.

She added: “The number of entries has grown year on year and the high standard of journalism in the region should make for a great competition again this time.”

Further details and a full list of awards available can be seen on HoldTheFrontPage.co.uk.



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