10 February 2009

Twitter Channel Launching Website

A breaking news service is adding to its Twitter feed with a website dedicated to the latest happenings.

Journalism.co.uk reports that Breaking News On will launch the site in the next two months and will include its Twitter alerts as part of the web offerings.

In addition, the website will act as a breaking news aggregator, automatically pulling together updates from a variety of wire services and agencies.

Founder Michael van Poppel asserted that Twitter alone is not a strong enough tool for a 24/7, fully staffed breaking news operation and said that tweets will now be used to provide links to story updates on the main site.

Poppel explained the ethos behind the proposed site: “Users should not expect a traditional news site with in-depth background information and every news item on what happened during the day.”

He added: “Our staff will be reporting on breaking news situations very early and we believe this is breaking news as it should be.

“Breaking news is potential major news with details still coming in – it’s not the evening news.”

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