05 February 2009

Twitter Newspaper Launched

An online newspaper dedicated to the week’s hottest issue on Twitter has been launched by a Scottish journalist.

James McIvor is the man behind “the all tweet journal”, which takes the form of a single-page downloadable pdf, reports All Media Scotland.

The former Scottish Sun chief sub-editor revealed that he initially used the microblogging platform for promoting his own business but soon found it an effective way to network.

“I was of the view that it would be good to bring out an online twitter newspaper where people can message me their news and we publish the best,” he said.

“The newspaper will feature one advert/promotion and one lead story with a picture element,” added McIvor.

“We hope that advertisers will soon see the merit of promoting their product on 'the all tweet journal'.”

[HT - Editors Weblog]

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At 5/2/09 12:40 pm, Anonymous lilu said...

so is a headline and a lot of ads!
not interested


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