03 February 2009

How To Conquer SEO

A ten-point guide to improving search engine results has been published by the Search Engine Journal.

Reporter Monica Wright believes that editors and journalists can easily get to grips with search engine optimization (SEO) and has produced some handy hints for beginners.

Here’s an excerpt from Wright’s article entitled “10 Ways Journalists and Newsrooms Can Conquer SEO”:

1 - Multi-purpose headlines

According to Wright, headlines need to work not just for your story but also need to work out of context so they make sense to readers coming to the story via search engines.

2 - Tags

“The title tag is one of the most important factors when optimising your pages, so be as literal and specific as you can be, without making it too long.”

She adds: “Use your meta description tag to summarise your story. Provide the ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘where’ and ‘why’ as concisely as you can.”

3 - Make Most Of Anchor Text

As hyperlinked text plays a part in SEO, Wright recommends using specific terms when linking to other pages/sites rather than generic links such as “See Related Story”.

4 – Deploy Effective Keywords

Services which suggest keywords and alternative words may be useful here.

5 – “Evergreen Content”

Wright notes that non-time specific features such as guides etc can draw in search traffic and attract long-tail interest.

Visit the Search Engine Journal for the full story.

[HT – Martin Stabe.]

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