29 January 2009

YouTube To Share Ads Revenue

Media groups may soon be getting their share of the spoils from ads on videos uploaded to YouTube.

According to Tech Crunch, the video-sharing website is about to launch a programme whereby media companies will take a cut of the revenue generated by ads accompanying their own video content.

Only a handful of major media groups currently display their own ads on videos displayed on YouTube, but this is likely to change within the next few months as the net is widened.

Tech Crunch notes: “The ability to sell their own ads on YouTube is a big deal for larger media companies, especially those which are already selling Web video ads across their own sites.

“The prospect of selling ads against all of their videos on YouTube at those higher ad rates has them salivating, even if they have to share the spoils with YouTube.”

[HT – LostRemote.com]

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