26 January 2009

Site Offers Tech Tips For Journalists

Helping reporters to use digital technology is the aim of a new website launched by a techie and a journalist.

NewsTechZilla is the brainchild of two Tennessee-based bloggers looking to aid journalists who are relatively new to the world of digital media.

The site essentially comprises two blogs – one categorised as “From the tech perspective” and the other hosting posts “From the journalist perspective”.

The tech blog provides journalists with practical tips and features posts on using tools like Twitter and on subjects such as Search Engine Optimization.

Responding to the question of why they created this site, founders Trace Sharp and Scott Adcox write: “The genesis of this project was the countless conversations we’ve had over IM discussing these very issues, time spent reading about the shifting media.

“One day, it just made sense to make these conversations public so others could benefit and contribute.”

They conclude: “Our hope is that we can all learn from each other and discuss the changes that are taking place in news, media, and technology.”

[HT – Poynter Online.]

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