15 January 2009

2008 - Top Social Media Sites

A chart of the world’s most popular social media websites shows Facebook is on the up and up.

Ranking social media sites by the number of unique visitors, the ComScore list places Google’s blog hosting platform Blogger in the top spot with more than 221 million.

Close behind is social networking site Facebook, with more than 220 million unique visitors and a growth rate of 116% from 2007.

According to TechCrunch, the chart demonstrates that “while the audience for blogs is still showing healthy growth overall, Facebook stands out as the social gorilla taking share from not only other social networks but blogs and other social media as well”.

Facebook is joined in the top 20 by fellow social networking sites including MySpace, hi5, Orkut (majority users in Brazil and India), Baidu Space (China), Netlog (Belgium) and Bebo.

Other blog or web hosting platforms making the list are Wordpress, Yahoo Geocities, Six Apart, Webs.com and Windows Live Spaces.

And completing the top 20 are content-sharing websites such as Flickr, 56.com (China), Scribd and imeem.

See TechCrunch for the full list.

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