13 January 2009

Trinity Titles Launch Multimedia JLR Campaign

Securing a future for Jaguar Land Rover is the aim of a new multimedia cross-title campaign from Trinity Mirror.

Newspapers in Birmingham, Coventry and Liverpool are taking part in the action, using both print and online outlets to gather support.

Each of the titles has a Support Jaguar Land Rover Now/Save The Motor Industry home page with links to innovative features including an interactive timeline on Dipity.

The campaign also has a Save Jaguar Land Rover Facebook group - which has attracted almost 4,000 members since its launch last week.

The Birmingham Post has also registered an online petition to save the company on Downing Street’s e-petitions page.

Audio and video is a key part of the campaign site, which boasts an exclusive video interview with prime minister Gordon Brown and with JLR’s chief executive.

Birmingham Mail editor Steve Dyson said that the campaign shows the combined strength of print and online products.

Writing on his blog, he noted that “together, the traditional printed editions AND the web can make the ‘press’ even MORE powerful.”

More information on the campaign can be found on the websites of the Birmingham Post, the Birmingham Mail, the Coventry Telegraph, the Liverpool Echo and the Liverpool Daily Post.

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