02 January 2009

Guide To CMS

A short guide to the all-important content management system (CMS) was published recently by Press Gazette.

The article considers some of the key elements that news organisations look for in a good CMS and includes thoughts on the subject from developers and digital editors at a number of groups including the Financial Times and the Guardian News & Media.

“Today, the interface between reporters, sub-editors, websites, news pages and mobile devices is so important that even in the current hellish downturn it is one of the few things that journalism organisations are spending serious money on,” writes Press Gazette editor Dominic Ponsford.

He adds that “having a good one can also mean having a website which is search-engine optimised, can be updated and changed easily, and which has all the new technical bells and whistles you need to stay up to date”.

Visit Press Gazette for the full article.


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