07 January 2009

Five Ideas For Future News Success

An end-of-year journalism conference hosted by Poynter asked attendees for their ideas on ensuring a successful future for journalism.

Poynter Media’s business analyst Rick Edmonds looked at these suggestions and produced a list of the five prevalent themes on the subject of maximising “our chances of having robust journalism five years from now”.

Here are the five:

1 - “Collaborate and partner”

According to Edmonds, media participants at the summit believe newspapers need to start looking at partnership projects with other companies in both advertising and editorial matters.

2 – “Harness the energy and learning from current experiments”

This is about putting ideas into action and trying out new things.

In addition, the group agreed it would be valuable to have some kind of project set up to sponsor and track the range of ongoing experiments with long-term aims.

3 – “Target and customise”

Particularly relevant when it comes to the younger social networking generation.

4 – “Get over being jilted by the audience”

Related to acceptance that you can’t provide everything your audience needs and also the demise of the ad-supported business model in its former guise.

5 – “Defining value, then pricing it, remains elusive”

The ultimate question according to Edmonds – “what high-quality news is worth to an audience of readers that is motivated to be informed”.

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