29 January 2009

Wired Launching UK Site

Technology magazine Wired has announced it will unveil a UK website when it launches in print over here.

According to Press Gazette, Wired.co.uk will share some stories with the magazine and will also have its own original content.

The site will have daily updates on happenings in the world of technology as well as articles on business, art, science and politics.

“With our digital launch of Wired we are exploring a new strategy which can then be rolled out across the CondéNet International network using a common platform,” said Michael Parsons, channel manager at Wired International.

He added that the new websites (a second is set for launch in Italy) will be “drawing on the best of content from our individual print brands, as well as Wired.com, while complimenting this with compelling news produced by the Wired International online team”.

The UK versions of Wired, both print and online, are set to launch at the start of April this year.



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