03 February 2009

Newsquest Launches Mobile Sites

Publisher Newsquest has announced the launch of almost 150 mobile sites to accompany its regional online newspapers.

Spokesman Roger Green said the new sites form one of the “largest mobile networks around” which will be mined for its “commercial prospects”, according to a Paid Content article.

And unlike previous Newsquest mobile offerings, these sites boast re-purposed content suited to modern mobile browsers.

The sites feature news and information organised into a small number of categories, including Local News, Traffic and Travel, Entertainment, and Sport.

Green, who is the managing director of Newsquest Digital Media, said of the launch: “I can’t make claims for anyone else but it’s probably one of the largest mobile networks around, it’s a big step for us.

“Whenever the year of mobile is, we’ll be ready.”

[HT – PDA blog]

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