09 February 2009

Posting Ideas For New Bloggers

Stuck for blogging inspiration? Fear not as academic Paul Bradshaw has published his 12 ideas for blog posts.

The author of the Online Journalism Blog has produced a list suggesting a dozen of the staple posts for the uninitiated blogger.

Here are a few examples of his recommendations:

* Blogging An Event

Bradshaw suggests attending events such as conferences or meetings and then writing a blog post about it.

He adds that “ambitious bloggers” can also liveblog events as they happen using the various social media tools on offer.

*Create A List

“Lists are enormously popular on the web, frequently topping websites’ ‘most shared’ lists,” says Bradshaw.

He adds: “A good tip for your first post is to make a list of the top ten blogs in your subject area - a useful task for yourself while also making them aware of your existence.”

*Link To Something Interesting

According to Bradshaw, this can vary from responding to someone else’s post which you disagree with to including Useful Links to other things going on in the blogosphere.

*“Pick A Fight”

This can be an argument with a fellow blogger or a David and Goliath style fight between your blog and a major company.

Visit Bradshaw’s blog for the full post.

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