18 February 2009

News Group Sells Hourly Ads

A Midlands newspaper group has started selling online advertising space by the hour as part of a new initiative.

The two papers participating in the project are the Shropshire Star and the Express & Star, which are working with Scandinavian group Adicate to sell the ad slots for £2 per hour.

Adicate provides a user-based platform enabling advertisers to select their own time slots via an online booking system.

William Beavis, new media marketing manager at the Midland News Association, told Press Gazette that this new structure enables companies to target their ads.

He said: “Imagine you own a restaurant, and you know that Tuesday lunchtimes and Thursday evenings are often your quietest times of the week.

“By booking an ad on expressandstar.com to appear between 10am and 12pm on Tuesdays and 4pm and 6pm on Thursdays, you can now reach an audience with a special offer at a time when they are beginning to think about what they will be having for lunch or dinner that same day.”

Further details on this story can be found on Journalism.co.uk.

[Photo - Clocks 2 by Leo Reynolds on Flickr.]

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