16 February 2009

“Survival Strategies” For The Press

Ideas on the newspaper of the future are offered up by a plethora of industry experts in a debate blog.

Last week saw the issue of alternative newspaper business models come to the fore and now the agenda-setting New York Times has got in on the act with its blog post entitled Battle Plans For Newspapers.

Among the contributors giving their opinions on “survival strategies” for newspapers are the founder of craigslist, Craig Newmark, and new media writer Andrew Keen.

Online and print editors as well as journalism academics also weigh in with their thoughts on how the press can make money in the digital era.

Ideas range from charging for content to soliciting donations from readers and joining forces with local non-profit media organisations.

Participants also suggest the actual function of local newspapers needs to be addressed and some advise journalists to work closely with readers so they become more like partners in the news production process.

Visit the Times’s Room For Debate blog to view all the ideas and the ongoing discussion taking place in its comments section.

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