20 February 2009

Guide For Multimedia Journalists

The first part in a guide to becoming a multimedia journalist has been published by academic Mindy McAdams.

Writing on her Teaching Online Journalism blog, McAdams notes that the guide is likely to comprise about 15 parts and is aimed at “journalists who are ready to learn how to transform themselves into multimedia journalists”.

In part one, McAdams looks at blogs and RSS and suggests that would-be multimedia reporters read a selection of blogs rather than just those concentrating on journalism.

Her recommendations include Mashable and ReadWriteWeb, to help journalists become more aware of broader changes in the digital media industry.

McAdams also strongly recommends setting up an RSS feed as an alternative to internet browser bookmarks.

She writes: “It’s like your customised Page One, ready for you on any computer with Internet access, at home or at work, and even on your phone.

“It’s better than an aggregate of all the wire services - because YOU set it up to bring you what YOU want.”

Visit Teaching Online Journalism for the full post and a video introduction to Google Reader.

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