02 October 2008

Emerging Technologies To Watch

Poynter Online recently published a list of ten exciting innovations in the news tech market.

Ellyn Angelotti compiled her chart during the recent Online News Association (ONA) conference and here are some highlights from her post “Taking Back 10 Emerging Technologies from ONA”:

1 – FriendFeed

Joining this website enables you to receive updates on the various social networking and media-sharing activities of your family and friends.

According to Angelotti, it’s “a great way to keep track of what’s going on in your virtual network without having to log in to each site individually”.

2 – Publish2

Free to join for journalists, Publish2 enables its members to share links to high quality news stories and post these on their own sites.

The site is a strong advocate of link journalism and aims to create a crowdsourced newswire for journalists.

Publish2 makes Angelotti’s list thanks to its recent significant overhaul which has led to improvements to its overall functionality.

3 – Foneshow

Already being used by several news providers, this distribution platform enables the audience to dial up audio news reports which can be controlled using the phone handset.

4 – Sekai Camera

Using an iPhone, this application allows users to view places around them and brings up information on things that may be of interest.

For example, when the user is in a shopping centre it could offer information on special offers on CDs, DVDs etc.

Here’s the video demo from YouTube that was shown to delegates at the ONA conference.

5 – 12seconds.tv

“It’s like Twitter for video,” explains Angelotti, adding, “only, instead of 140 characters you have just 12 seconds to record your video message using your webcam or phone.”

The full ten technologies to watch can be found at Poynter Online.

(Hat tip to Cyberjournalist.net.)

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