01 October 2008

Olympics Coverage ‘Transforms Web Traffic’

Sporting success in Bejing gave rise to an online traffic surge in August, according to the Guardian.

The last month of summer saw sites including Guardian.co.uk, Telegraph.co.uk and Times Online record their highest ever unique user figures, with year-on-year increases ranging from 46% to126% and 92% respectively.

And this is attributed in part by both the Guardian and the Telegraph to coverage of Great Britain’s impressive showing in the Olympics.

“The traditionally quiet summer month was transformed by the Olympics,” said Guardian.co.uk writers Jemima Kiss and Oliver Luft.

While Telegraph Media Group’s digital editor, Edward Roussel, said: “Our August traffic was stronger than we expected, reaching a record high for global unique users and page views.

“Our coverage of the Beijing Olympics and the war in Georgia was particularly successful.”

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