25 September 2008

Lessons Learned From Blogging

Digital journalism academic Paul Bradshaw recently celebrated his 1,000th blog post with a list of all the things he’s learned since joining the blogosphere.

The author of the Online Journalism Blog packs his chart with useful tips for journalists looking to embark upon a blogging adventure and covers vlogging and moblogging too.

He also uses his list to dispel a few myths about the blogosphere and to highlight the advantages of writing your own blog.

Here are some excerpts from “1000 things I’ve learned about blogging”:

On Blogs

“Blogging is not ‘writing a blog’. Blogging is linking and commenting. Any writing is a bonus.”

“Regular posting is important…”

“Setting yourself a maximum number of posts per day is a good idea.”

“It takes time. Sometimes years. Persistence counts.”

“A blog doesn’t open doors for you, it just gives you the idea to try knocking.”

On Journalism

“As a journalist, blogging is a good way to rediscover the joy of journalism.”

“Being transparent about your sources is not only good journalism, it’s good distribution.”

On Video

“When video meets conversation, good things can happen.”

“Everyone looks ugly on video. Get over it.”

On Moblogging

“If you’re moblogging an event, bring a power lead, an extension lead - and a spare phone.”

The full post can be found on the Online Journalism Blog.

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