19 September 2008

Site Maps Freelance Reporters

Journalism.co.uk has launched a new mapping resource to help commissioners track down freelance journalists around the world.

And the website has also unveiled a second version of the Google Maps application for freelance photographers.

Members pay to submit their details and users can then search the maps by postcode or area in order to discover professionals working in any given location.

Journalism.co.uk states that the new services will also help freelancers find colleagues and gain an insight into how many people are operating in their region.

The site’s publisher John Thompson says of the new resources: “In this online and news-hungry world with rolling deadlines, location is both less significant and more significant for freelancers.

“Less significant, because it’s much easier to be found by and to work for clients anywhere in the world; more significant, because location can be key for breaking news or stories that are local to the freelancer.”

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