17 September 2008

Multimedia Inspiration From The Las Vegas Sun

Blogger Mindy McAdams has published a series of blog posts highlighting the online achievements of the Las Vegas Sun.

Academic and new media author McAdams says the Las Vegas Sun is “one of the more inspiring stories of the intermediate stage of online journalism” thanks to its online strategies.

Entitled Why The Las Vegas Sun Is So Great, the trilogy of posts tells the story of the title’s multimedia ambitions, from their earnest beginnings in January 2008.

McAdams takes her cue from a talk given by Las Vegas Sun’s online pioneers at the recent Online News Association conference and follows up her summary of the forum by showing what the Sun does best and how it’s doing it.

This includes its video strategy with content distributed via the 988-pixel player on the Sun’s website, HDTV, a local TV channel, a dedicated YouTube channel, and iTunes.

All this prompting McAdams to declare: “This is probably the most ambitious and interesting video strategy at any newspaper anywhere in North America.”

She then outlines some of the newspaper’s most ambitious online multimedia projects, such as the History of Las Vegas and the interactive Flight Delay Calculator.

Check out Mindy’s blogs for the full posts: Part One of the series introduces how journalists, designers and programmers first ushered in the multimedia era at the Las Vegas Sun.

While Part Two looks at the Sun’s current strategies regarding video, photos and user-generated content and Part Three shows the most recent multimedia projects.

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