23 September 2008

Users To Produce News Show Via Wiki

A talk radio show is inviting users to help to produce a weekly segment about some of the hot topics for the forthcoming American presidential election.

The Brian Lehrer Show in New York has created a wiki where visitors are asked to suggest angles, questions and guests to appear on future spots devoted to issues such as immigration and healthcare.

Users are also encouraged to carry out their own background research and provide tips on audio clips that could be used.

According to the WNYC station’s website, the aim is for listeners to collaborate on producing a segment and “do everything a normal Brian Lehrer Show producer does every day”.

The wiki has been created using free Media Wiki software and features an introductory message from Lehrer, explaining the idea behind the project.

He writes:

Remember, a wiki is a collaboration, not a debate. Work together with people you agree with and people you don’t to shape a segment that addresses the questions and concerns of all interested parties and the public at large. This is pretty experimental for talk radio. We believe you can handle it and help produce more thorough, more balanced coverage than any professional journalists can do without you!

Thanks to CyberJournalist.Net for the pointer on the 30 Issues wiki.

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