29 September 2008

BBC Box Delivers Multimedia Tale Of Trade

The BBC is using all its media channels to tell the story of a year in the life of a cargo container.

Called The Box, the project aims to highlight the individual places and faces behind international trade.

It represents a feast of multimedia storytelling with an online map enabling visitors to follow the progress of the branded container, plus still images and video footage from various journey points.

The BBC said its correspondents will produce video reports as the box makes loading and unloading stops around the world to show “who’s producing goods and who’s consuming them”.

And the public can also get actively involved by sending in photos of the box on its travels by submitting them either to the BBC site or to a newly created group on Flickr.

According to Jeremy Hillman, editor for the business and economics centre, The Box “is a project which plans to deliver content for television, radio and online audiences - telling the individual stories behind what makes the global economy tick”.

If you want to know more about how the BBC is coordinating the tracking of the container and other technical issues, take a look at this Q & A page.



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