26 February 2009

Students To Create Hyperlocal Content

Content for the community news sections of a regional news website is to be provided by students as part of a collaboration project.

The Teesside Evening Gazette has teamed up with the Stockton Schools consortia to create a new diploma which will see pupils producing material for the hyperlocal areas of the website – Gazette Communities.

Journalism.co.uk reports that students taking the new Creative & Media Diploma will also need to work with social media platforms as well as the newspaper website.

“We’ve been very keen to target younger age groups and get them involved and interacting on our websites,” said Lindsay Bruce, project leader and senior desk editor at the Gazette.

She added: “We’ve already recruited a number of youth bloggers and this builds on that success.”

Further details can be found on Journalism.co.uk and Press Gazette.

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