14 August 2008

CNN Launches Back Story Slideshows

CNN is producing slideshows to show the key developments in major news stories covered by its journalists.

The interactive BackStory allows users to see a summary of events and click through for more in-depth information.

And the first news story to be presented as a BackStory feature is the FBI investigation into the series of Anthrax murders in 2001.

Writing on the CNN blog Behind the Scenes, a senior producer explained the idea behind the slideshows.

According to Rachel Clarke: “Now, when we want to give history, context and background to a developing story, we go back through our archives to find ‘milestone’ events and then link those together in an interactive window.”

She added: “Readers can click through events to get a quick recap of how the story has evolved and how it has been covered on CNN.

“And we link to full stories of the time to give more details of what we knew then as well as to pages on key players.”

Further details can be found at Behind the Scenes and Journalism.co.uk.

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