11 August 2008

Sky Guy Goes Multimedia In Beijing

It’s not just presenting duties required from Sky News anchor Jeremy Thompson at the Olympics as the broadcaster aims for a feast of multimedia coverage.

According to the Independent, Sky News chief John Ryley is keen to “maximise the network’s presence on multiple platforms” during the summer games and the Live at Five presenter has his part to play.

Sky’s man in Beijing has his own blogging page on the channel’s website and is also sending updates to a dedicated Twitter feed.

Thompson said of the role to be played by the microblogging platform in reporting from China: “Everyone who is there will be able to text in lines, like, ‘Hey, I’ve just seen the Olympic stadium for the first time,’ or, ‘This pollution is so bad I can hardly breathe.’

“That’s something I can do in two minutes in between doing lives or interviews.”

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