01 August 2008

NYT Links With Social Networking Site

The New York Times has announced a partnership agreement with social networking website LinkedIn.

Articles from the Business and Technology sections will be sent to members of the professional networking website as part of the new deal.

These stories will be selected for delivery in accordance with the users’ unique attributes on their LinkedIn profiles.

And LinkedIn users will then be able to share and recommend articles through the social networking site.

In addition to the share and recommend capabilities, the New York Times stated that the move will also enable it to offer greater opportunities for targeted advertising.

“Advertisers are constantly looking for context, content, and quality brands and this approach delivers just that,” commented Denise Warren, chief advertising officer at the NYT Media Group.

Reactions to the agreement can be found at Read Write Web and the Alley Insider, while further details on the deal are on the LinkedIn blog.

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At 1/8/08 5:02 pm, Blogger Richard Jennings said...

I dont think many of these social networking sites are good for finding a job. About.com just added 3 new sites to their Top 10 Employment list:


You'll see only one is a social network but even that just uses job listings. The social part wont help you much.


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