24 July 2008

Online/Offline Creative Forum Launched

Journalists from across the UK are being invited to join a new social networking group.

Based in Kent, MeejaHub aims to become a forum where journalists and creative workers can meet to share information, leads, ideas and gossip.

And the emphasis is on both online introductions via the new MeejaHub website and offline social events, reports HoldtheFrontPage.co.uk.

Group members can create their own social profile on the website as well as engage in discussions via forums and blog comments.

Founder and former regional journalist Stephen Fleming said the new venture will provide journalists and other media professionals with a chance to meet in an informal setting.

“MeejaHub is a way to get creative talent together to help one another. It works online and, crucially, off-line too.”

He added: “Journalists could do some networking, meet local business people and get more stories out of it.”

Yearly membership costs £120 and includes free entry to events.



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