23 July 2008

NYT Launches iPhone App

The New York Times has unveiled a new application to optimise its web offerings for iPhone users.

A press release states that the NYTimes iPhone Application has been designed specifically to work with the navigation and features of the Apple device.

The application downloads the latest news articles so users can then browse stories offline at their own convenience.

It also offers several personalisation options and includes adverts as both click-throughs and display units.

A review of the new application is available on the Eat Sleep Publish blog from social media consultant Jason Preston.

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At 29/7/08 4:47 am, Anonymous Jason Preston said...

The app has actually been updated a few times since launch (and since I reviewed it) so it might be worth revisiting if you've passed on the app.

The ad unit, for example, is smaller now and much less intrusive.

At 30/7/08 9:44 am, Blogger Louise Thomas said...

Thanks very much for the tip Jason, will take another look at it.


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