16 July 2008

Sunday Paper Starts 24/7 Service Online

Every day is like Sunday - according to the man behind a new 24/7 online news operation from a regional paper.

Paul Cole at the Sunday Mercury announced that the title will use its revamped website to break news stories at anytime in the week rather than holding off until the weekly print edition.

The deputy editor of the Birmingham newspaper also told HoldtheFrontPage.co.uk that at least 80% of the site’s content will be unique material not included in Sunday’s print issue.

Among the innovative features of the relaunched website are a branded YouTube channel and an extensive blogs section with an array of contributors.

Veteran Midlands musician Bev Bevan is blogging about his music DJ present and colourful past as a member of The Move, ELO and Black Sabbath.

Other bloggers include a local Royal Marine commando who will be posting from Afghanistan and Birmingham chef Glynn Purnell.

Cole said of the newspaper’s new policy of publishing breaking stories online: “Now our readers can have a new Sunday every day of the week.

“Our pledge is that there’ll always be something new happening on the site every day of the week.”

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