23 July 2008

Five Blogging Tips

After his inaugural year as a social media blogger, Craig Stoltz has published his five lessons from the past 12 months.

Stoltz, a former editor at the Washington Post, says his five tips are the “edible morsels” from lessons learned since starting his Web 2.0h…really? blog.

Here’s some of the highlights of Stoltz’s post:

1 Blogs Benefit Writer And Reader

“Writing a blog lets you educate yourself in public.”

2 Use Clear Post Titles

“Web users are brutally impatient prowlers, unforgiving of ambiguity and unlikely to hang around to figure things out.”

3 Best Written Not Always Best Read

“Accept that blog audiences are so unpredictable and that some of your most valuable gems will stay buried.”

4 Draw Traffic Via Blogs

“When you write something really good, send it to other bloggers whose audience you’d like to reach.”

5 Keep It Short & Visual

“You should make regular exceptions, of course. But as a daily practice, short and visual serves readers well.”

The full post can be found at Cyberjournalist.net and on Stoltz’s blog.

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