08 August 2008

Local Paper Launches Daily Webcast

A regional newspaper has started a series of daily live webcasts in an attempt to provide “local video news for the Web”.

The Ledger Live webcast from New Jersey’s Star-Ledger went live last week and provides users with analysis of the day’s major stories, interviews and street voxpops.

According to Editor & Publisher, deputy managing editor John Hassell has made clear via his blog that the webcast is not an attempt to replicate local TV news.

“This is local video news for the Web. It’ll be conversational, interactive, and draw constantly from the community of users at NJ.com and bloggers, vloggers and podcasters across New Jersey.”

And Hassell has already put this plan into action by ensuring each webcast can be embedded by bloggers on their own pages and is also embedded on his own blog.

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