13 August 2008

Readers Surveyed Online For GP Data

The Liverpool Daily Post is enlisting the help of readers to provide information for its current investigative piece.

Journalists at the newspaper are using a web-based questionnaire to gather data on users’ experiences of getting a GP appointment in the city and its surrounding areas.

The Post has used Survey Monkey to design its own online survey, which features questions on surgery opening hours, how easy it is to see a GP and the length of time readers have to wait for an appointment.

With a link on the homepage, the specially designed survey is easy for readers to find and includes a total of nine questions.

It also requires respondents to state their postcode so the data can then be used to compare and contrast GP services in different areas of Liverpool.

Survey Monkey enables its members to create online surveys using a variety of format templates and has both free and paid-for subscription options.

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