13 August 2008

Blogosphere Attracts Broadsheet Diarist

The political diarist for the Daily Telegraph is quitting the paper to join the “influential” world of politics blogs.

Jonathan Isaby is joining the ConservativeHome blog after five years as a blogger and columnist with the broadsheet.

Launched three years ago, the blog compiles all the national news stories about the Conservative Party and also features its own Tory-related breaking news stories.

Isaby told Press Gazette: “If something’s going on, you know it’s going to be on there.

“It’s looked at by anyone who’s anyone in the Tory party, from David Cameron downwards, and by all the political journalists, because they know it has its finger on the pulse.”

And Isaby explained his move from mainstream media blogger to the independent blogs scene: “I’ve seen the blogosphere taking shape and becoming more influential and powerful.

“I suppose, in a sense, it’s a natural development for me to go and do this.”



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