11 August 2008

Video Shows Journey Through Commuters’ Eyes

The Cambridge Evening News has used video to illustrate the daily experiences of rail commuters on their way to London.

Rather than just writing about the busy peak-time service, assistant editor Paul Holland decided to show the commute by taking the trip himself with a video camera, reports HoldTheFrontPage.co.uk.

Headlined “On The Fast Train To Hell”, the article includes Holland’s video footage of the journey and interviews with regular passengers.

While the accompanying text provides the facts and figures of the peak-time return services which are reportedly some of the busiest departing from King’s Cross station.

Holland said: “We really wanted to highlight the problem and thought it would be good to get out there rather than just talk to a commuter.”

And he added that the video has proved popular with users: “People have been in touch saying ‘That’s exactly how I feel every day’. I might do a follow-up again in September.”

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