23 March 2009

Uni Launching Online Journalism MA

Online journalism is one of the new subject areas to be offered as a Masters degree by Birmingham City University .

Journalism.co.uk reports that the Online Journalism MA will be open to students from this September.

The course will be led by academic and blogger Paul Bradshaw, who said that the year-long MA will cover themes such as news-gathering and news distribution.

In addition, Bradshaw revealed that students will also be exploring new business models in online news rather than only concentrating on existing newsroom set-ups and jobs.

“Ultimately the industry is crying out for this and there’s clearly a demand for it,” he said.

The founder of the Online Journalism Blog added: “We will be exploring new business models and I think that is the chief difference. We’re certainly not relying on the existing structures.”

In addition to the online journalism course, the university will also be offering a new MA in Social Media at the start of the new academic year.

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