19 March 2009

Blogs & Their Mainstream Links

A new chart from Technorati shows the most popular mainstream media websites linked to by bloggers.

The blog search engine gave an insight into its first Technorati Attention Index on a blog post, showing the 50 websites linked to by most bloggers in the past 30 days.

Leading the pack is video-sharing website YouTube, followed by the agenda-setting nytimes.com and BBC News.

Also making the Technorati top ten are: MSN, Guardian.co.uk, washingtonpost.com, and Reuters.

A number of British mainstream media websites also made it into the Top 50 but outside the top ten, including: Telegraph.co.uk, dailymail.co.uk and FT.com.

Writing on the Technorati blog, Jen McLean explains some of the reasons behind starting the new index.

She notes: “We know the independence and immediacy of the blogosphere has had a huge impact on mainstream online media.

“Much is made of the tension between the two – but what we’re seeing is convergence, and a symbiotic relationship.

“So what is the influence of mainstream media sites in the blogosphere? We’ve tried to answer with the Technorati Attention Index.”

[HT – TechCrunch]

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