16 March 2009

BBC Relaunches Mobile Site

The BBC has unveiled a beta version of its latest mobile site boasting new customisation and localisation features.

Users can adapt the homepage so they can directly access their favourite content and can also create a localised version of the news, weather and TV sections.

In addition, the site appears in different forms and image sizes depending upon the users’ handsets and network capabilities.

The site “is the first milestone in an ambitious roadmap for the development of our service to be contextual, social, personal, immediate, device and location aware,” said Ulyssa MacMillan, executive producer for BBC Mobile.

Richard Titus, BBC future media controller, also stated that the corporation’s next step would be to adopt locative media tools for its mobile offerings.

He told The Guardian: “In a way, the BBC is one of the safest organisations to share your location with.

“We take privacy very seriously and there’s no malicious or commercial intent - we just want to make the experience better.”

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