12 March 2009

Reuters To Launch Markets Channel

Thomson Reuters subscribers are set to receive a new markets service heralded as the next generation of multimedia coverage.

Codenamed Reuters Insider, the online video service will offer coverage of money markets, breaking news from the financial sector and analysis of events.

These reports will be available in both real-time and as on-demand content, and customers will be able to personalise channels so they can receive only the news relevant to their sector.

According to Reuters, the new offering represents the “future of news dissemination” as it encompasses both narrowcasting and vertical programming.

The Reuters definition of narrowcasting: “Delivering focused, fast, intelligent and relevant information to make our clients and customers smarter and more successful.”

As for vertical programming, global editor of multimedia Chris Cramer explains it like this: “The key to our success is that our programming will not be linear - one program after another - but will be vertical and will provide the kind of rich content and analysis our clients need.”

Press Gazette reports that Reuters Insider is set for a full launch this summer.

More details about Reuters Insider can be found in this pdf profile of one of its key creators, who was recently named one of the agency’s top journalists of 2008.

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