12 March 2009

BBC Opens Journalism Training Sites

A network of journalism training websites is being made publicly accessible by the BBC for the first time.

The microsites form part of the corporation’s Virtual College of Journalism and are now being opened to journalists around the world.

Each site contains text and video guides and advice about many aspects of reporting, with sites offering these services and resources in over 30 different languages.

The project will also provide public access to the online training and guides used currently by BBC journalists.

“One of the most important things that we need to think about and do is teach journalism to the next generation and to the new leaders within journalism,” said Kevin Marsh, editor of the BBC College of Journalism.

Marsh announced the move at the recent Digital News Affairs conference in Brussels, and further information on his talk can be found on the BBC dot.life blog and on journalism.co.uk.

And the progress of the Virtual College can be followed via its Twitter feed.



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