06 March 2009

BBC Reveals News Radar

A way to see all news stories as they are added to any section on the BBC website is now available in demo form.

BBC News Radar is a prototype page displaying the headline and first line of news stories as they are published or updated.

Writing on the Journalism Labs blog, the BBC’s Jake MacMullin writes that the idea behind the page is to supply people with a single place where they can see all the news pieces published across the site’s many sections.

And he says that the public would be surprised at the sheer amount of content that is added to the site throughout the day - “almost literally ‘every minute of every day’”.

He adds: “One reason you may not be aware of how frequently we publish new content is that until now there has been no one place you can go to see all of the stories we publish on the news site.”

Radar is an attempt to change that as the BBC aims to produce a publicly available version of it in the future.

The BBC is keen for some feedback on it too so check out the prototype at BBC News Radar and send your thoughts to Journalism Labs.



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