02 March 2009

Guardian Relaunches Mobile Site

Guardian News & Media is set to unveil a new smartphone-friendly mobile site this month.

Designed to enhance speed of service and to work with all major mobile web browsers, the new site is the result of collaborations with various tech partners.

According to The Guardian, the relaunched mobile site will feature advertising and sponsorship tie-ins as well as Google Ad Words on each page.

The company’s director of digital content stated that the relaunch aims to make the mobile site accessible to as many users as possible.

Emily Bell said: “The way it was structured in the past made that difficult but the site rebuild and the new platform means far easier access to content.

“Mobile has also been fiendishly difficult for content providers because of complex relationships with networks but particularly with the growth of the iPhone and smartphones with full web browsers, it would be perverse for us not to make our content more accessible.”

Check out The Guardian's current mobile offerings at m.guardian.co.uk.



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