18 March 2009

Site Launching Business Social Network

A New York newspaper is set to launch a social network channel aimed at small businesses.

The New York Daily News has announced that it is working with social media platform provider SaleSpider.com to create the service.

According to the Editors Weblog, the social network will enable some 500,000 companies to communicate with one another as part of a networked community.

“By providing an active community and business support system, it is our goal to offer a sustainable service to help them cope with these difficult economic times and help them build for their future,” said Marc Kramer, chief executive at the Daily News.

The president of its project partner added that this kind of offering will benefit online advertisers as it should give them “greater reach”.

Russell Rothstein also noted that the small business social network could become “a model for the newspaper industry to increase revenue within the digital business demographic”.

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