20 March 2009

BBC Introduces Embedded Videos

The BBC has added the embed function for the first time to videos displayed on certain areas of its website.

As a result of the move, users will be able to embed BBC videos on their own websites and blogs.

The beginning of the embedded video rollout has begun with the News Technology section and will be expanded to other areas in the future.

Writing on the BBC Internet blog, chief technical architect John O’Donovan explains: “It’s taken a while because there have been a huge number of tricky little issues to sort out and most of these have been complex business issues around rights, terms and conditions, etc.

“But at last through the fog, a simple and subtle change finally emerges.”

He also reveals that following the initial rollout stage, “there are different flavours of embedded widget which will be made available”.

[HT – Journalism.co.uk]

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