08 October 2008

10 Questions About Online Video

A multimedia editor has produced a list of ten questions all journalists should ask themselves to decide if video is right for their website.

With this post on his Mastering Multimedia blog, Colin Mulvany enters the quantity versus quality of online video debate currently occupying the minds of many web editors.

The Spokesman-Review staffer writes: “If you can’t find a decent answer or solution to each of these questions, then maybe you shouldn’t be messing with video at this time.”

Here’s an excerpt from Mulvany’s list of ten questions:

Is quality video valuable to your viewers?

Has video gained traction on your website over time? If not, why?

Has your paper invested in training that empowers your video producers to be able to tell and edit a story effectively?

Do you have (need) a web-savvy management structure in place to filter out bad video ideas and is an advocate for video-based storytelling?

If you are producing lots of video, do you have a website that showcases this valued web-only content?

The full list can be found on Mulvany’s blog post, “Video: Quality vs. Quantity Debate Rages On”.

And a reaction to his post can be seen on Mindy McAdam’s Teaching Online Journalism blog.



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