05 September 2008

Readers Set Questions With Dialogg

A new crowdsourcing initiative from Digg is giving the public a chance to put its questions to some of America’s most powerful people.

Digg Dialogg invites users to post text and video questions online where they can be voted on by the Digg community to create a ranking list.

Then the posers which have proved most popular at the close of play are put to the interviewee.

Concentrating on the current party conventions, the first series of these Dialoggs has seen Digg team up with CNN and its citizen journalism arm, iReport, in a joint bid to enable the audience to have its say.

And first up to face the Digg treatment this week was the speaker of the House of Representatives.

Digg chief executive Jay Adelson assumed the task of putting the questions, exactly as they were submitted, to Democrat Nancy Pelosi in a live broadcast for CNN.

Further details can be found on the Guardian’s Digital Content blog.

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