29 August 2008

Survey Shows Online Use Rising

The number of people getting their news online everyday has grown by almost a third in two years, a new study finds.

Some 25% of adults in the US now use the internet to access news on a daily basis, according to a poll from the Pew Research Center.

The biennial survey has also identified four different groups of news consumers, including the “demographically sought-after audience segment” known as the Integrators.

Integrators obtain their news from both new media and traditional sources and account for 23% of the news-consuming public.

Another category outlined by the study is the Net-Newsers, which tends to ignore newspaper, TV and radio news sources in favour of reports on the Web.

Summaries of the survey are available on many news sites including guardian.co.uk, washingtonpost.com and from the AP.

While an overview of the report and the full pdf version can be viewed on the Pew Research Center website.



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