26 August 2008

Credibility Is The Key For New Aggregator

The emphasis is on credibility at a new news aggregator launched this month.

NewsCred joins the news aggregation marketplace and is trying to carve out a niche for itself with a voting system where readers can "credit" or "discredit" any given article.

According to its site, NewsCred is appealing to users to make their decision based on “factors such as credibility, quality, transparency and accuracy”.

Stories, authors and sources then accumulate CredRanks and NewsCred states these rankings “ensure that we can present only the highest quality news articles”.

BBC dot.life blogger Rory Cellan-Jones writes that this newcomer to the news aggregation scene represents “an interesting, if frightening, development for a professional journalist”.

On the plus side, he asserts that NewsCred and similar set-ups are “putting more pressure on news organisations to improve their professional and ethical standards, and to listen to the people who consume their products”.

However, Cellan-Jones also warns that such sites could become “playgrounds for lobby groups and obsessives”, voting in accordance with their controversial views.

NewsCred’s other key feature is its personalisation options, which enable users to create their own “digital newspaper” by selecting different sources for various types of news.

Further opinions and information about the news aggregator service can be found at Read Write Web, the Media Channel and on the official NewsCred blog.



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