20 August 2008

Local Paper Launches Web TV Series

The Yorkshire Evening Post has produced its take on the Most Haunted shows with a new online video series.

HoldTheFrontPage.co.uk reports that the newspaper has recruited a medium to work on the six-part series in search of paranormal activity in Leeds.

The show follows Barrie John, a paranormal investigator and three members of staff from the YEP as they go ghost-hunting in some of the city’s most historic buildings.

Digital editor Geoff Fox described Haunted Leeds as “a fully fledged series of programmes” that he hopes will break new ground in the online newspaper industry.

The series is hosted on a dedicated website, where users can also submit their own photos and videos “to prove the unproven”.

Fox explained that the project demonstrates the new opportunities for newspapers created by digital technologies.

He added: “With this series, we’re hopefully going to show what can be achieved by pushing our own relatively modest understanding of video to its limit.

“It’s a testament to the willingness of our staff to adapt and embrace modern technology to enable them to successfully explore new mediums outside the realms of print.”

[Disclosure: The Yorkshire Evening Post is a Johnston Press publication.]

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